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Gardner Cryogenics the world's choice for transporting and storing liquid helium and hydrogen
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Why Choose Gardner?

Gardner Capabilities

  • Diverse cryogenic specialists
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Collocated manufacturing and engineering
  • Extensive experience with extreme cryogenics
  • Multilayer superinsulation
  • Heat in-leak
  • Reduction precision welding
  • Vacuum technology

Thermal Performance

  • Heat in-leaks as low as 0.0000025 watts/cm², (0.008 Btu/hr/ft²)
  • Longest hold times
  • Highest liquid yields

Product Durability

  • Longest life expectancy
  • Continued thermal performance
  • Extensive accidental survival history
  • Over 1,000 containers built since 1973 with 99.8% of 41,640 L (11,000 gal) ISO containers remaining in service

Gardner Innovations

  • Most efficient and reliable liquid helium distribution systems
  • First 41,640 L (11,000 gal)  ISO container
  • “Dual” hydrogen/helium container
  • Helium semitrailer
  • Portable helium customer stations
  • First to achieve NER in hydrogen storage below 0.2% per day
  • Largest hydrogen semitrailer—66,245 L (17,500 gal)
  • 45-day hold time container without refilling of LN2
  • Most versatile UN Portal tank in 40ft ISO frame for max pressure gas (175 psig) and liquid yield application
  • Most reliable and highly efficient multiline vacuum jacket piping for liquid helium distribution
  • High-efficiency transfer lines
Helium Customer Station

128,000 L (33,818 gal) Helium container

Heliuim container

Helium Customer Station

Gardner Experience

  • Over 50 years building helium equipment
  • Most liquid helium stationary storage tanks and liquid helium UN Portable tanks, 40 ft ISO UN Portable tank in 40ft ISO frame (DOT) and Semitrailers in the world
  • Most liquid hydrogen transport equipment in the world
  • Equipment used worldwide by all major industrial gas companies and large research laboratories

Gardner Facilities

  • World Headquarters, Bethlehem, PA
  • Manufacturing, Alburtis, PA
  • WCR Retest and Repair, Liberal, Kansas
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