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General Description

Gardner manufactured helium tanks assure the world’s largest road, air, and ocean transport along with stationary storage.

Our UN Portable tanks are available in capacities from 3,785 L (1,000 gal) to 56,781 L (15,000 gal), (the largest for highway use in the world). Our stationary helium storage tanks have a 12,870 L (3,400 gal) to 128,000 L (33,818 gal) capacity, with larger or smaller units available on special order.

Most prominent characteristic of Gardner’s high-quality transport vessels are the 41,640 L (11,000 gal) UN Portable tanks in 40 ft ISO frame, the most widely used containerized liquid helium tanks in the world. They ensure reliability, longevity, performance and are the most economical tanks for transport by road or ocean.

These containers also comply with a multitude of international codes and standards. Like our other equipment, they are ruggedly built and perform effectively in a wide range of demanding environmental conditions around the world.

World's largest liquid helium tank container

World’s largest liquid helium tank container, designed and manufactured by Gardner, is the widely used 41,640 L (11,000 gal) “intermodal” ISO container, assuring reliable road or ocean transport.



  • Over 97% of the world's liquid helium is transported in liquid helium UN Portable tanks, 40ft ISO UN Portable tank in 40ft ISO frame (DOT) and semitrailers designed and manufactured by Gardner
  • Gardner is the world’s preferred supplier for large liquid helium storage vessels used at commercial helium production, and distribution facilities along with large research laboratories which use large quantities of helium
  • 99.8% of  41,640 L (11,000 gal)  UN Portable tanks that Gardner manufactured since 1973 are still in service, assuring reliable performance under some of the harshest conditions
  • Gardner introduced the first liquid helium 41,640 L (11,000 gal) tank container, the first semitrailer, the first 45-day tank container, the first LHe/LH2 tank container, the first liquid helium & liquid helium/liquid hydrogen portable customer station, and the first highly versatile high pressure gas (12.7 bar/175 psig) high liquid yield UN Portable tank in 40-ft ISO frame

Liquid Helium Primary

  • Up to 18,927 L (5,000-gal) customer station/UN Portable tanks in 20ft ISO frame
  • 41,640 L (11,000 gal), UN Portable tanks in 40-ft ISO frame with various pressures and configurations
  • Semitrailers
  • Storage tanks
  • Custom liquid helium transfer lines
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